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My Story   

I’ve lived a blessed and chaotic seventy-two years and I am currently working on my most passionate project.

In 1969, I was twenty-one years old serving the US Army in the Vietnam War as a point-man with my Scout Dog, Chico. Chico saved my life and the lives of many others. For over fifty years my feelings for Chico have weighed heavily on my heart and mind. Recently, I decided it was time to tell Chico’s story. So, fifty years later, I’ve written "Chico’s Promise" - in his voice. It’s a story of love and abandonment. 

Because of my passion for Chico, I have started a nonprofit organization,, to support dog rescue. The goal of Chico’s Promise is to save 50,000 dogs in Chico’s memory. This project allows me to work with people and dogs to create loving relationships.

My experience that supports Chico’s Promise is my nineteen-year tenure as CEO/executive director of a Cincinnati-based nonprofit personal development organization. During the same time, I was the lead facilitator for fifteen of those years and taught a monthly four-day seminar that impacted thousands of lives.

Before retirement in 2011, I started my own company, ThinkMonahan, LLC. Since that time, I have continued to do what I love, being a “Pointman” to help people achieve success. My approach when working with clients is to keep things simple, have fun and lead by example. My areas of passion are; taking the lead when possible, saving dogs, writing and publishing books, speaking to groups, and individual business/personal coaching. I have a personal goal to write 25 books. To date, I have written and published 6 books

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