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Chico’s Promise

A Superhero, Lives Saved
and a Promise Made.
Chico’s Promise is a true Superhero dog story written in Chico’s voice. It’s his journey of love and abandonment, trust and betrayal, courage and fear. In the end, the status of his Superhero Promise lives on in time to save others, and love prevails.
Row, Row Your Boat

A short and down-to-earth song with a practical direction for life. Implementing these directions can often become complicated as you navigate life’s challenges. Follow the journey of three typical people: Rush, Chance, and Patience, as they demonstrate how they face their daily challenges. You will surely find similarities in your own life and relate to their approach to life. Who do you identify with most? Are you more like Rush, Chance, or Patience?

Seven Simple Truths

By reading Seven Simple Truths, you will be able to view your life from a different perspective. Some of the most important areas of life are not taught about in school or communicated clearly by parents. Many beliefs about what will make us happy, successful and loved are misdirected at their core. Through his wit, wisdom and insight, bestselling author Mike Monahan offers readers a fresh look at how to live a happier life.

Your Future is Stuck in Your Past

This book helps you identify and remove the blocks in your life so you can better succeed. Once you identify what’s driving your choices—and you take new action—you can expect to see improved results. Your Future Is Stuck in Your Past explores the four key steps to changing your self-limiting beliefs so you can improve your life.

Occupy Your Future

If you believe that your boss, your spouse, Wall Street or the government controls your future, it’s because you’ve handed over your power. The truth is that YOU are in-charge of your life! Occupy Your Future is a call to action on what you can do to take charge in the seven key areas of life: health, prosperity, education, relationships, spirit, career and time.

From the Jungle to the Boardroom

#1 Inc. Magazine Bestseller!

Have you ever dreamed of something really big but were afraid to take the risk and settled for less? Have you ever struggled with making decisions? Have you ever felt like you were on your own in life? From the Jungle to the Boardroom shows that we all face the same challenges as we make decisions—and we can triumph.

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