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Chico’s Promise

A Superhero, Lives Saved
 and a Promise Made!
"Chico’s Promise" is a true Superhero dog story written
in Chico’s voice. It’s his journey of love and abandonment,
trust and betrayal, and courage and fear. In the end, the status
of his Superhero Promise lives on in time to save others 
and love prevails.

Chico’s Promise Audiobook

Now Available!
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My Story

I’ve lived long enough, 72+ years to date and I’ve learned to tell my story in reverse so as to not bore others with all my history. 

I am currently working on my most passionate project. In 1969 - 1970, I was 20 years old serving in the US Army in the Vietnam War with my Scout Dog, Chico. Chico saved my life. And now, over 50 years later, I’ve decided it was time to give Chico a voice. So I’ve written "Chico’s Promise" in his voice. It’s a story of love and abandonment. I’ve also started a nonprofit to support dog rescue, Chico’s Promise, with a goal to save 50,000 dogs in Chico’s memory. This project allows me to work with people and dogs to create loving relationships.

My Books

Row, Row Your Boat

7 Simple Truths

Your Future is Stuck in Your Past

Occupy Your Future

From The Jungle to The Boardroom

My Books

I have known Mike Monahan for decades and I’m proud to say that this book, "Chico's Promise," is his best. That, of course, is because he is not giving you his opinion, he is sharing the real history of how it all went down over 50 years ago. And the best part is that you cannot help but love and admire Chico, who also tells it like it is. This is a story of unconditional loyalty taken all the way to the grave. 


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